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Meet Cynthia Crummer: The Soul Behind Pure Trek Canyoning

From the golden coasts of California to the rainforests of Costa Rica, Cynthia Crummer embarked on a journey fueled by her passion for adventure. This leap into the unknown wasn’t just a change of scenery; it was the beginning of Pure Trek Canyoning, a venture that would redefine adventure tourism and transform her life.

Costa Rica’s lush landscapes whispered promises of new adventures and a life reimagined, inspiring Cynthia with the bravery of a pioneer and the soul of an explorer.

Our dive into the essence of “Pure Trek Canyoning” is deepened by insights from two important interviews with our founder, Cynthia Crummer. The first interview, conducted by Irene Thomas for Women’s Adventure Magazine in the summer of 2012, gives us a glimpse into Cynthia’s initial motivations and the early days of “Pure Trek Canyoning.

This story is broadened in a more recent article by La Nación, titled “Guardianas de la hospitalidad sancarleña” for International Women’s Day 2024. It highlights Cynthia’s lasting influence and leadership in the realm of adventure tourism.

These interviews are crucial in understanding Cynthia’s journey, providing depth and context to her remarkable adventure that we’ll explore in more detail in the paragraphs to come.

A Leap of Faith into the Unknown

More than two decades ago, Cynthia set foot on the vibrant lands of Costa Rica, a place that would steal her heart and consequently spark the inception of Pure Trek Canyoning. Despite having zero background in adventure or recreation industries, she boldly ventured to create a unique experience. This endeavor not only captured the thrill of adventure but also showcased the pristine beauty of Costa Rica’s wilderness.

Her wish to share the joy she found in the country’s mesmerizing rainforests, waterfalls, and canyons drove her foray into rappelling.

Cynthia Crummer, the visionary Founder and CEO of Pure Trek Canyoning in Costa Rica,
Cynthia Crummer, Founder and CEO of Pure Trek Canyoning in Costa Rica.

Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

Adapting to Costa Rica brought challenges. Cynthia embraced a new culture and language with open arms. Thanks to her resilience and community support, Pure Trek Costa Rica now thrives. It welcomes about 13,000 guests yearly, offering unforgettable adventures to people aged 5 to 90.

Empowering Through Adventure

Pure Trek is more than an adventure company; indeed, it stands as a beacon of empowerment. It enables participants to discover their inner strength. Additionally, it promotes community well-being, weaving a fabric of support and cooperation. Consequently, every adventure with Pure Trek is not only thrilling but also deeply enriching. Furthermore, this reflects Cynthia’s steadfast commitment to fostering unity and support, showcasing that each journey is designed to be as enriching as it is exhilarating.

From Zip Lines to Canyoning: A Pioneering Spirit

Pure Trek transcends the typical adventure company framework; indeed, it empowers participants. Furthermore, it significantly boosts community well-being. As a result, every adventure with Pure Trek is not merely thrilling but also deeply enriching. This showcases Cynthia’s unwavering dedication to fostering unity and support, thereby illustrating the profound impact of Pure Trek on both individuals and the community at large.

A Legacy of Leadership and Community

Cynthia Crummer’s impact goes beyond the adventure trails of Pure Trek. Her commitment to community, entrepreneurship, and education in Costa Rica has cemented her status as a revered leader. Her journey underscores the power of passion, perseverance, and dedication in achieving remarkable feats.

Cynthia is recognized in the Costa Rica tourism industry and the town of La Fortuna for her support of various causes, including a notable project in its development stage called “Future Minds.”

This initiative aims to invest in children and youth, providing them with spaces to explore nature, mathematics, science, and more, thereby enriching their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.For a deeper understanding of our efforts and their impact, feel free to explore our Community Impact page.

Explore with Pure Trek and Discover Your Strength

Pure Trek Canyoning invites you on an extraordinary adventure. Under Cynthia Crummer and her elite team’s guidance, you’ll see the world from a new perspective. Let Cynthia’s journey inspire you to discover that courage and a love for adventure can unlock endless possibilities.

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Let Pure Trek Canyoning guide you through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Costa Rica, inspired by Cynthia Crummer’s remarkable journey. Join us and discover that with courage, vision, and a love for adventure, the possibilities are truly limitless.