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Explore Canyoning with Pure Trek’s Elite Guides in Costa Rica

“Work fills your pockets, but adventure fills your soul.”

– Jamie Lyn Beatty

Venture into the heart of Costa Rica’s breathtaking wilderness with Pure Trek, where each canyoning adventure is not just a journey, but a transformative experience, meticulously curated by our 11 elite guides, who are integral to our team.

We recently sat down with our four head guides, each boasting over a decade of service. Together, they have been pivotal to Pure Trek’s success since its inception around 23 years ago. They are more than team members; they are our Elite Guides. Their expertise and commitment ensure that every adventure is not just successful, but life-changing.

So, what makes our guides ‘Elite’ in the tourism industry in Costa Rica?

It’s their unparalleled expertise and commitment. Each guide, selected for their exceptional skills and profound passion for adventure, possesses the highest levels of training and credentials recognized both in Costa Rica and internationally.

These pillars define our Elite Guides. Their long-standing dedication to Pure Trek highlights a journey of continuous growth and excellence, ensuring that every adventure they lead transcends the ordinary. With us, every experience is not just an exploration, but a transformation, guided by the industry’s best.

Introducing Pure Trek’s Elite Canyoning Guides

At Pure Trek, we do more than just offer thrilling adventures. We create unforgettable experiences. Our secret? The wisdom and passion of our seasoned team. This dedication sets us apart, making every journey with us transformative.

Pure Trek is proud to have 11 elite guides. However, these four are at the forefront. Their unmatched experience and knowledge enrich every expedition.

Guided by the unmatched expertise of our elite tour guides, Jorge, Diego, Melvin, and Jonathan, every expedition transcends the ordinary, offering a deep dive into the wonders of canyoning, and more.

Jorge Madrigal – A Decade of Excellence and Safety

Years at Pure Trek: 12 years

  • Expertise in Safety and Quality: Jorge leverages his extensive experience to assess clients individually, offering personalized services that never compromise on safety. He is instrumental in continuously updating structured protocols and internal procedures, strengthening trust between guides and clients.
  • Approach to Unexpected Situations: Jorge maintains a joyful attitude and demonstrates confidence, which is key in handling nervous clients or challenging situations, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the experience through effective teamwork.
Check Out What Our Clients Say About Jorge:


AMAZING experience with Jorge and his team! Visiting Costa Rica on our honeymoon, my husband and I sought adventure and were not disappointed. Despite my husband’s fear of heights, we had an amazing time, all thanks to the comfortable, fun, and lighthearted atmosphere created by the team. 10/10 would recommend! We can’t wait to come back for more. ?”

Review by Jessradford Kingston, Canada on Tripadvisor

Diego Armando Chavarria – Innovator of Adventure

Years at Pure Trek: 14 years

  • Contributions to Safety Practices: Diego witness the introduction of the Monkey Drop and made significant enhancements in safety procedures, such as increasing the number of guides per rope and tailoring services based on the customers’ weight and equipment capabilities.
  • Improvements in Safety and Customer Experience: His emphasis on safety seriousness and equipment customization for each client has notably enhanced the experience, increasing adaptability and control in diverse situations
Check Out What Our Clients Say About Diego:

Best Canyoning in the World!
November 2023 • Couples
“Amazing experience. 6 great canyoning spots and a fantastic set of tour guides led by Diego. You will get wet but it is so worth it – a must do in La Fortuna!”

Review by Cameron P, written November 28, 2023 on Tripadvisor

Jonathan Castro – Guardian of Nature and Safety

Years at Pure Trek: 9 years

Environmental Knowledge and Risk Prevention: Jonathan uses his deep understanding of the natural environment to anticipate and prevent risks, incorporating safety education into his guidance to enrich clients’ experiences safely.

Check Out What Our Clients Say About Jonathan:

Facing Fears with Pure Trek
June 2023 • Family
“I HATE HEIGHTS!!! But, to challenge my fears and put on a brave face for my family, I went on this adventure with Pure Trek. The staff, especially Jonathan,.. and the rest of the team, were super helpful and accommodating. They allowed me to ease into the first rappel, providing encouragement every step of the way. It was exhilarating! We felt safe and secure the whole time, a testament to the staff’s priority for guest safety. Even if heights aren’t your favorite, I highly recommend this adventure. It’s a safe way to challenge yourself and create unforgettable memories.”

Review by Joe M at Tripadvisor

Melvin Duarte – Master of Protocols and Passionate Educator

Years at Pure Trek: 13 years

Importance of Safety Procedures and Protocols: Melvin stresses the importance of clear protocols and ongoing training, ensuring that every team member is empowered and up-to-date on the best safety practices, including international certifications and daily equipment checks.

Check Out What Our Clients Say About Melvin:

A Thrilling Adventure with Pure Trek

“Best waterfall rappelling in La Fortuna! My husband and I sought adventure, and Melvin along with the Pure Trek crew delivered beyond expectations. The sense of safety was paramount, with all guides showing not only extreme friendliness but also deep knowledge in rappelling. What stood out was how they allowed us to control our descent pace on each rappel — truly empowering! The post-adventure lunch was not only delicious but also considerate of my food allergies, a testament to their attention to detail. Pure Trek proves that you don’t need to be a big-box adventure company to offer superior experiences. A heartfelt thanks to Melvin and the team for an unforgettable adventure.”

Review by MichelleK285 – Houston, Texas

The Pure Trek Difference: Elite Guides at the Heart of Canyoning Adventure

Beyond Equipment: Elevating Adventure with Expertise and Philosophy

In the realm of adventure tourism in Costa Rica, the true distinction of a guide lies beyond the possession of standard equipment like cables and ropes. What truly sets our team apart is not just the certifications or years of experience; it’s the embodiment of our company’s philosophy that emphasizes leadership, the application of knowledge, and a commitment to customer service and safety. This approach elevates our guides from merely competent to genuinely elite, ensuring that each adventure with us is not just safe, but unforgettable.

Stories from the Field: Anecdotes of Courage and Compassion

In our enlightening interview, our guides delighted us with their most cherished stories from the canyoning adventure at Pure Trek.

Guiding with Compassion: Our commitment to inclusivity shines through in touching stories from our guides. One memorable tale involves helping a visually impaired adventurer navigate the canyons. This story reflects our core belief at Pure Trek: adventure is for everyone.

Age Is Just a Number: Our Elite Guides believe that dreams have no age limit. A heartwarming example is an 89-year-old who lived out their canyoning dream with us. It’s a testament to our commitment to making dreams a reality, regardless of age or physical challenges.

Our guides providing instructions for our families
Our guides providing instructions for our families canyoning adventure

Family-Friendly Adventures: Our guides ensure that everyone, especially children, feels safe and comfortable during their adventure. Whether it’s providing extra support like a specialized harness or adjusting the descent’s pace for comfort, our guides tailor the experience to each participant’s needs. This personalized care fosters trust and confidence, making every experience enjoyable and secure.

Understanding and Empathy: Our guides excel in managing emotions. They provide support whether it’s a parent’s anxiety as their child rappels down a waterfall or a participant feeling overwhelmed by the adventure. These moments of empathy underscore our belief that adventures are not only physical but also emotional journeys.

Are You Ready for the Canyoning Adventure of a Lifetime?

As we draw this enlightening journey to its conclusion, you may ponder the essence of our traverse through the heartbeats of the rainforest, the soft murmurs of cascading waterfalls, and the profound depths of canyoning adventures that underscore Pure Trek’s essence.

Our intent has been both simple and profound: to illuminate the path of adventure not merely as an expedition through Costa Rica’s verdant landscapes but as a voyage of trust, safety, and unparalleled experiences, shepherded by the adept hands of our elite guides.

The essence we yearn for you to embrace transcends the mere thrill of exploration; it’s the serenity that stems from knowing you’re in the safest, most seasoned hands Costa Rica can offer.

Our elite guides are not merely tour leaders; they are the stewards of your adventure, protectors of your safety, and the architects of your indelible memories in Costa Rica. They encapsulate Pure Trek’s ethos — a spirit characterized by excellence, dedication, and an unfaltering pledge to make every moment significant.

In embracing this spirit, we cordially invite you to delve into the world of Pure Trek, to uncover more about the individuals who render every adventure feasible, and to grasp why opting for us as your Costa Rican tour guide transcends a mere choice — it’s a leap into a realm where your adventure aspirations turn into reality.

Join us to discover more about our elite guides, our core values, and our commitment to you. Visit our About Us page for deeper insights. Your next adventure is on the horizon, and we’re eager to lead you every step of the way.

Book your tour now and step into a world where your adventure dreams are not just imagined but lived.