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Pure Trek Costa Rica’s Community Impact Initiatives

 Future Minds Campus

Discover “Future Minds” – a visionary educational project unfolding in our community.

At the heart of this initiative is a dynamic Community Educational Center, not just a library but a hub of innovation and learning. Here, we are crafting an environment where creativity and active learning are not just encouraged but celebrated. Dive into a world where the wonders of space, the intricacies of mathematics, and the marvels of Earth’s evolution come to life.

This is a project in development, ambitiously spanning multiple levels. The first level offers extended access to explore universal mysteries and technological advancements. The second level showcases Costa Rica’s global leadership in sustainable practices and tech innovations.

Interactive elements, community volunteering, and a multifunctional space that doubles as a performing arts center add unique dimensions to this educational haven.

Huellas Festival

Raises money for different community projects each year

Huellas Gastronomic & Cultural Festival celebrates Costa Rican culture, supports local businesses, entertains the community, and raises funds for local charities. During this two-day festival, visitors can enjoy activities like cimarronas, masquerades, theater, folk dancing, concerts, art exhibitions, children’s games and delicious traditional Costa Rican food. All of the proceeds from the festival are donated to a different local charity each year. Pure Trek, along with other businesses in La Fortuna have organized and promoted this festival for 7 years strong.

River & Lake Clean-ups

Pure Trek organizes clean-up initatives around Lake Arenal and the Tabacon River twice a year in order to spread awareness about keeping the waterways clean. Pure Trek also participates in other community cleanups lead by other local organizations.

Pure Trek Compost & Gardens

Pure Trek works hard to make its headquarters eco-friendly and sustainable. One aspect of this is our compost and organic garden. All of the food scraps from the restaurant are fed to the compost which is then used to fertilize our organic gardens so we can grow fresh, organic food. We grow organic lettuce, kale, cilantro, parsley, hot peppers, tomatoes and bell peppers that we use in our clients’ lunches

Copa Cuaderno

Annual Football Match to raise money for school supplies

We support the annual Copa Cuaderno a soccer tournament organized by a group of young people in La Fortuna to collect money and school supplies for primary schools in need.