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Pure Trek Canyoning with Kids in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is the adventure destination of Costa Rica. A quaint town with so much to offer. One of the reasons for La Fortuna’s popularity is the plethora of outdoor activities you can choose from. You can do almost all of the quintessential Costa Rica adventure tours out of La Fortuna. You can explore the rainforest canopy on a hanging bridge, fly through the sky on a zip line and splash down a churning river on a whitewater raft or rappel down waterfalls in a Rainforest canyon. 

However, one activity that stands out with all the rave reviews from family’s state that Pure Trek Canyoning waterfall rappelling adventure cannot be missed out on when passing through La Fortuna.

Pure Trek Canyoning  will be the best family experience during your vacation in Costa Rica and  under the shadow of the Arenal Volcano!   If your little ones, love to try new things,  love water and are active, Pure Trek canyoning is for you and your whole family. 

#1 Local Expertise is Essential for Canyoneering

With the Pure Trek’s  team of professionally trained guides that know our canyon, every slope, every stone perfectly you and your family are safe in our hands. Canyoning requires knowledge of rope work, rappelling, identification of gear, navigation and intense training to guarantee our strict safety standards, and that is what our guides all have. However, besides all the very technical skills it also requires exceptional & warm people skills to hype up and motivate every member of the family to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Pure Trek Canyoning - The children expert
Pure Trek Canyoning – The children expert in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

#2 Canyoneering Gear for Kids. 

Very good news for you parents, you will not have to bring anything, besides a change of clothes for yourself and your kids. We provide all the gear needed for our waterfall rappelling adventure. At Pure Trek Canyoning we provide specific gear for kids. Special children’s harnesses as well as gloves and helmets are provided.  We are the only canyoning operator to welcome little ones from the age of 5. 

After all gear is checked, our team will give you a demonstration and safety talk to prep you for the adventure ahead. 

Pure Trek Canyoning Gear
Pure Trek Canyoning Gear

#3 What to expect from your Canyoneering adventure with Pure Trek

This half-day canyoning tour will take you deep inside the Pure Trek canyon to experience a series of 4 waterfall rappels, and activities like rock climbing and of course, our “Monkey Drop”. You may ask: “What is the monkey drop?” – but we will leave that as a surprise

Keep your eyes open for a chance to see toucans, sloths, monkeys and other exotic wildlife. Our guides will also point them out to you as they know our canyon inside and out, almost as well as our local, wild inhabitant!

Specifically for kids, we will be assisting their experience every step along the way. We will lower them down each rappel to insure their safety and still provide a super fun time! Our trails are extremely well maintained and have railings making it a safe and yet a totally fun environment for everyone while hiking and rappelling in the canyon. 

Your family outdoor adventure will end or begin, depending on your tour time, with a delicious farm-to-table Costa Rican lunch and fresh fruit juice, delicious and organic. 

As they say: “Start them young!”, because there is nothing better than providing an experience for children and their families that create memories for a lifetime.  

Keep On Exploring!