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Safety is our #1 Priority

During our Canyoning Tours we rely on the best safety equipment, our professional trained and certified adventure guides & 12 years of experience. We guarantee you will feel 100% safe and this is how we do it:

  • We rappel from platforms safely built at the top of each rappel.
  • We use a separate upper safety line to keep you safe.
  • We use a separate thick rope that you rappel from.
  • We always have separate guides that maintain and manage the upper safely line, the main line from the platform and at the bottom of each rappel. So you always have a minimum of 3 guides for each person while you are rappelling.
  • We have safety cables that you are always connected to at the top of each rappel.
  • We have strong railings on all our trails to help you walk through the canyon. They are made of recycled rope that we no longer use for rappelling.
  • We have a special way that we lower the kids down each rappel so they don’t have any control of the rope, we make it easy, fun and safe for them.
  • We have wide clean trails in between each rappel so it is easy to walk in the canyon.
  • We send a minimum of 4 guides up to 12 guides in the canyon (depending on the amount of people on the tour.)
  • We use an outside company that specializes in setting anchors, cable wraps and the sport of climbing and canyoning to check all our systems monthly.
  • We have a special team of staff that stays in the canyon keep an eye on all anchors and maintaining the trails. We check all anchors every day.
  • We have special gear (harnesses, helmets and gloves) for children.
  • All our guides received extensive professional training.
  • All our guides are trained on how to work with special needs clients.