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Hotel Manatus

Manatus Hotel is the exclusive way to enjoy Tortuguero with fully equipped luxury rooms. Fully equipped rooms designed to give you comfort and convenience, and let you connect to the surrounding water canals and wildlife sanctuary of Tortuguero.

Turtle Beach Lodge

Turtle Beach Lodge in Tortuguero National Park, is a secluded hotel resort spanning 175 acres. It encompasses miles of jungle trails, a meandering private canal and a half mile of isolated beach on the Caribbean Sea. 

Pachira Lodge

The lodge is strategically located only 5 minutes away from the extraordinary Tortuguero National Park, and right across the main "canal" facing the town of Tortuguero. Surrounded by a network of very scenic canals, this is considered one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich in flora and fauna.

Mawamba Lodge

Refreshing and relaxing, exquisitely evergreen the Tortuguero Canals is a must-see in Costa Rica. Off the beaten track adventures in the North Caribbean coast of Costa Rica; a place where time seems to have stood still, a small community of 1300 people who live surrounded by water, whether it’s the Caribbean Ocean or the Tortuguero Canals and rivers.

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