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The Imagination Bus by Pure Trek Costa Rica – Imaginative worlds for the children of our community

A library on wheels bringing imaginative worlds to children and their communties through books, games and play. Help us fund the Imagination Bus via your donation.

I’m Cynthia Crummer the founder of the Imagination Bus!

I am originally from California but have been living in Costa Rica for the past 17 years. While I own a commercial tourism business that keeps me connected to nature, what deeply motivates me is contributing to our local community.

Growing up in the United States, I was surrounded by books and libraries. My favorite childhood memories involve taking books out of the library and having reading competitions with my younger brother. Books are known to introduce children to new, imaginative worlds, and open doors to creative ways of thinking. The passion I have for books coupled with the scarcity of libraries in rural Costa Rica is what inspired this much needed project, “The Imagination Bus”, a mobile library for children.

We will be transforming a large school bus into a fully functioning library and activity center with the purpose to inspire imagination, creativity and exploration in children in Costa Rica. Our mission is to show local children and families how books and creativity can positively impact their lives. The Imagination Bus will be traveling throughout the Northern zone of Costa Rica, setting up shop in rural villages inviting children to hop on board and participate in storytelling, book sharing, art classes and games.

Our goal, with your support, is to raise $20,000. Every penny counts, so whatever you feel to donate is greatly appreciated.

Your donation will go to the re-design of the bus into a library, buying books, used i-pads and supplies, all permits and a full-time librarian.

Pure Trek, along with several other local companies, recently organized a local festival called Huellas, with the intention of raising funds for the Imagination Bus. We were able to raise $7000 in two days, thanks to the generosity and support of local businesses and the community. In addition to the funds raised, The Springs Resort & Spa donated their school bus for us to use as the library. This greatly helped us to get closer to our goal.

If you are interested in donating, we would greatly appreciate it! If you would also just prefer to donate children’s books in good condition (both English and Spanish) or used ipads, that would be great too!

To learn more about our project, please watch this video and contact us at [email protected]

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Here are some examples of where your donations will go: