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Congo Bongo Jungle House

Congo Bongo is a family-run hotel featuring seven vacation rental houses in Puerto Viejo - Manzanillo in the southernmost part of the South Caribbean of Costa Rica and is located about 12 kilometers south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the province called Limón.

Almonds and Corals

Almonds and Corals, nestled amongst the exuberant jungle of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, offers three in one unique destinations, because it is part an exclusive Caribbean beach resort, part a safari camp and part an eco-conscious boutique hotel.

Banana Azul

Do you enjoy lush jungles, wildlife, local food and unspoiled beaches? Beachfront Hotel Banana Azul in Puerto Viejo might be just what you’re looking for. Each of these 14 beautiful guest rooms of the main hotel, built from local hardwoods, are unique.

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